Who We Are 

Welcome to YaffYoff, the furry fandom's first merchandising brand that centers around you! We here at YaffYoff know that this fandom is nothing without the artists that built it. This beautiful harmony between artists and content creators of social media is at the heart of this company. At the same time, we want to give you, the customer, a product you can't get anywhere else. Eventually striving to be the one-stop shop for the fandom. It is never too early to start growing your brand. And no, don't let the name fool you, it is a SFW venture!

How does YaffYoff do this? For artists, We believe the key to life on earth is making a passive income from your trade. YaffYoff will pay artists an initial commission for their submitted design. After that, artists will be compensated on royalties per sale of shirts and other merchandise they have designed for YaffYoff. More details on the specifics will come soon, but we assure you, We want this venture to put artists' needs first. This fandom is nothing without the art that supports it, We want YaffYoff to reflect that. We also receive characters from the community from people who want to expand their image, and who doesn't want to have their art on a shirt!?  


How We Put Artists First

In order to achieve our promise of putting artists first, we have our own unique way of getting your designs out into the world.

  • First, artists will be given and idea/theme/concept or they may come up with one on their own
  • They will then payed an initial commission for their first submitted design to the company. The commission price will be dependent on the complexity and quality of the art. Once an artist starts regularly making designs for our company, they will no longer be payed an initial commission. They will, however, continue to receive royalties on all existing and future products.
  • We will then place the design on a product and start selling it
  • Artists will then receive a 15% royalty per product sale. It may not seem like a lot in the beginning, but over time, it really adds up. Artist will receive royalties once every month
  • In the end, the Artist will not only receive a commission for their first piece, they will also continue to make money passively on royalties

This strategy allows us to put the artist first and connect with the community closer as well. The reason we have a first initial commission is so the artist will at least receive a commission for their time making their first design, and will still receive something if their design does not sell well. 


Our Merchandise

Our merchandise ships directly from our manufacturer to your doorstep. This allows us to always have our designs in stock and ready to ship. Our products are made with quality. Designs are printed on to last. We use a variety of materials to be sure your new piece of merchandise will last. 


Character and Design Themes

As said before, our designs are created by artists in the community, but the question is, where do we get them from? We create unique characters and designs that are not associated with any existing original characters. We also receive characters from the community to use in our designs. Submitting your character for a design is a good way to get your name out in the community and enlarge your image, and a good way for us to have lots of variety in our merchandise. Who wouldn't want their character on a product? We will choose members from the community who have submitted their characters to us and send that to an artist to create a design for.

Note: We do not take pre-existing art. All art will be made by artists specifically for the purpose of being sold by us. If you submit a character, you are not required to pay for anything in the process. Furthermore, you will not be paid for submitting your character. The artist who draws your piece will receive the royalties. View this as more of an opportunity to get your name out in the community. There is also no guarantee you will be chosen, a majority of submissions will not be accepted. Submissions are only accepted when we are open. Dates will be announced on our twitter.


Our Team

The YaffYoff team works hard to bring you our best. If you would like to contact us, do so here.

 The YaffYoff Team:

 - Arch The Fox

Instagram: @archthefawks 

 - Bagel The Deer

Instagram: @bageldeer

 - Pip Purrip 

Instagram: @pippurrip

 - Vesper Lux

Instagram: @vesper.lux